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What to do next

What to do next!

by MIKE WAUD  - October 26, 2020

If you read last week’s blog you may be interested in how I went. Not great… I managed to visualise about 5 of the 9 holes but was easily distracted and tended to try and perfect a stroke after a mis-hit. On a positive note, I spent time working on my game which is always beneficial. Having finished the bucket of balls, I packed up and left the range reasonably satisfied with my progress.

When I got home I realised that I hadn’t “improvised” when it came to putting. In fact I hadn’t done anything related to putting… I have not practiced putting for ages. My loyalty card gives me a free bucket of balls every 5 visits. I’ve had two free buckets recently and only once have I practiced putting.

Considering that Par is the expected score of an accomplished or expert player and it makes provision for two putts on each hole, clearly I, as an unaccomplished golfer, have been neglecting a very important aspect of my game. Most courses are Par 72 meaning that 36 strokes are assigned to putting. I have never actually counted the number of putts I have had in a round. Perhaps I should add this to my analysis sheet and start recording my scores.

What are the prerequisites to successful putting? There’s a lot of info out there so I’ll leave it to you to do your own detailed research.

The essential elements of putting are… a comfortable stance and grip, a solid and steady foundation, accurate aim, a still head and steady upper body and most importantly after executing the stroke, where you witness the putter impacting the ball, keep the head “down” until you complete the follow through. On short putts you should hear the ball drop, not see it.

ACUSTRIKER is designed to assist you to practice these elements until you establish a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. Included with ACUSTRIKER is a putting disk and instructions for a proven putting drill.

Order your ACUSTRIKER today through our online store and improve your putting and all round golf game.

Record your putts...

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