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Record your putts

Record your putts…

by MIKE WAUD  - November 2, 2020

If you read last week’s blog I highlighted the need to focus on putting practice. Well…did you get some in? I didn’t. I did play 18 holes and recorded the number of putts on each green. What a useful exercise. Not only does it increase your focus and concentration around putting, it highlights other areas of weakness.

When you record a one putt on a par three to score a five, something has gone wrong getting to the green. A two putt on a par five is great but add a penalty stroke, a topped fairway wood and a chunked or skulled chip and you record an eight…it’s frustrating isn’t it.

I’ll share a couple of scores from my last round and analyse them.

Hole 1, Par 5, Score 8, Putts 2. That means it took six strokes to get to the green thanks to slice off the tee, a mediocre fairway wood, a decent hit with the hybrid but to behind a tree necessitating a sideways chip, a chunked approach and then a perfect pitch and then two putts. A disappointing start!

Hole 8, Par 3, Score 3, Putts 0. Not bad…should be happy with a par but how did I get there. Tee shot was short of the target. (Should have been on the green.) The pitch was a bit strong with the ball running through the green to the fringe at the back. A well hit chip on and in. Happy with that but could have been better.

Hole 15, Par 4, Score 4, Putts 1. Good drive down the middle. The approach fell just short of the green.(Need to be better with club selection and consistency.) Good chip to within 2 feet. One putt. Par!

Hole 17, Par 3, Score 3, Putts 2. Pin high and right of the flag about 6 feet. Putt just misses left of the hole. Tap in for Par. Most satisfying. That'll bring me back!

Give it a try next time you play… record your score on each hole and record the putts you take next to it.

The inconsistencies in one’s game can be attributed to lapses in concentration and failure to perform the fundamental elements of the successful golf stroke… a steady centre around which the shoulders and torso rotate, a consistent spine angle throughout the swing and at impact, persistent focus on the ball, especially at impact and a sound follow through.

ACUSTRIKER provides immediate, visual feedback to ensure that you perform these fundamentals. Get yours today or contact me for further information.

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