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ACUSTRIKER…the simple secret to great golf.

by MIKE WAUD  - June 22, 2021

ACUSTRIKER is a result of years of research, experimentation, invention, prototyping, patenting, development and re-engineering. In its final form, ACUSTRIKER is an uncomplicated, user friendly, effective training aid that targets the foundational and fundamental elements of a successful golf swing, strike and stroke giving you instant visual feedback should you fail to perform them.

I began playing the challenging game of golf in my mid-twenties. Having played a number of ball sports from a young age, including Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Squash, I figured it would be easy. If I could aim, hit and time a moving ball at will,,, hitting one that was standing still, sometimes elevated on a tee would be a lot easier.

How wrong I was. I did have moderate, initial success. Frustration soon crept in as I played more regularly.

In an effort to be more competitive, get more distance from my woods and long irons, fine tuning my short game and perfecting my putting, I experienced some embarrassing situations…. Topping a drive on the first with others watching on… Taking an air swing from a perfect lie on the fairway… Hitting a delicate approach in the teeth and seeing it scoot across the green into a bunker… Chunking a wedge from the fringe and not reaching the putting surface and missing a one footer to clinch the match.

I’m sure you’ve seen a golfing buddy do the same… You feel really bad for them but you’re cracking up inside. If you’re brutally honest with yourself, you can identify with me because you’ve experienced the same.

As a teacher and sports coach I was determined to find the solution to my inadequacies and inconsistency on the golf course and hopefully help other frustrated golfers. According to PGA pros, coaches, instructors and magazine tipsters the successful golf stroke is dependent on consistently and repeatedly performing a combination of the following…

  • The position at impact (ball contact) should resemble the posture at set up.

  • A steady center around which the shoulders rotate.

  • A consistent spine angle throughout the swing and at impact.

  • A steady and level head with limited lateral, vertical and horizontal movement

  • Persistent focus on the ball throughout and essentially when the club makes contact with the ball.

  • A completed follow through

ACUSTRIKER consists of a bulldog clamp that attaches to a club as a counterweight and for alignment, positioned on the ground, a flexible metal goose neck tube that allows you to adjust the sighting device for each club and the sighting device that is suspended between you and the ball. By focusing on the ball through the sighting device throughout the swing, any excessive lateral, vertical and horizontal movement will be detected. By ensuring the ball stays within the selected sighting device, you will maintain a steady center, steady and level head and a consistent spine angle. Focus on the ball is ensured and you should (if you have been concentrating) see the club striking the ball.


  • Limits lateral, vertical and horizontal head and shoulder movement.

  • Ensures a steady center around which the shoulders and trunk rotate.

  • Ensures a steady and level head throughout the back swing, transition and down swing.

  • Maintains the spine angle set at address, throughout the swing and at impact.

  • Ensures one keeps one’s eyes on the ball throughout the swing.

  • Ensures that one witnesses the club face contacting the ball at impact.

Being independent of the golfer, club and ball, ACUSTRIKER in no way inhibits one’s movement or flexibility, encouraging the natural development of muscle memory. ACUSTRIKER provides instant visual feedback. ACUSTRIKER has received positive reviews from teaching professionals and golfers who have used it. It also provides a practical means for performing the drills suggested by leading golf coaches.

It has helped my game… it will help yours too.

For more information, visit or contact me at

Mobile: 0411 290 310.

Planes, angles, pendulums and fulcrums.
Witnessing the point of impact is important for me…

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