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Your secret to a Better Golf Game.

A proven golf training aid that ensures accurate ball striking and greater consistency. It supports practising, performing and perfecting correct golfing techniques, targeting the keys to golfing success to shave shots off your score.

Master the Essentials

 ACUSTRIKER the golf training aid that trains you to keep your eye on the ball and head in the game

Why let another round of golf be marred by frustration and four-letter words? ACUSTRIKER, our proven golf training aid, helps golfers of all ages and abilities take their game to the next level. It promotes greater accuracy, consistency and better ball striking so you can break free from a sub-par game and play better golf!

ACUSTRIKER aids in refining your golf swing by ensuring uninterrupted visibility of the ball throughout the motion, enhancing consistency and accuracy. It proves especially valuable in helping to minimise errors when precision matters most.

Your Golf Practice Coach

A successful golf swing, strike and stroke is dependent on performing the following elements simultaneously and repeatedly:
  • ensure the position at impact resembles the posture at set up.
  • maintain a steady centre around which the trunk and shoulders rotate.
  • maintain a consistent spine angle throughout the swing and at impact.
  • persistently focus on the ball throughout and essentially when the club makes contact with the ball.
  • maintain a steady and level head with limited lateral, vertical and horizontal movement.
  • complete the follow through.
  • is effective with all clubs.
  • can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • can be used at the driving range or during a practice round (check with your playing partners first for permission and don't hold up fellow golfers on course)
  • is a quick and simple user friendly set up
  • ensures natural development of muscle memory
  • Limits lateral [sway], vertical [bobbing] and horizontal head and shoulder movement
  • Ensures a steady centre around which the shoulders and trunk rotate
  • Maintains the spine angle set at address, throughout the swing and at impact
  • Ensures that the "fulcrum points" of the swing plane and swing arc remain steady
  • Ensures one keeps the eye on the ball throughout the swing.
  • Ensures that one witnesses the club face contacting the ball at impact
  • ACUSTRIKER does not inhibit your natural movements and encourages the authentic development of muscle memory

Pathway to Precision

With its versatile, compact, straightforward design, ACUSTRIKER enhances accuracy, consistency, and better ball striking. Maintain uninterrupted eye contact through the viewfinder from setup to follow-through, and take control of your swing.

ACUSTRIKER encourages a better golf game by targeting:-

Enhanced Focus:

Minimise lateral, vertical and horizontal head sway and body movement. and remain focused on the ball throughout your swing.

Improved Alignment:

Achieve perfect alignment and positioning for each shot, leading to more accurate strikes and better results.

Consistent Contact:

Encourages you to keep your eye on the ball throughout the swing and most importantly at impact.

Immediate Feedback:  

Receive instant visual cues if your head or shoulders move excessively.  

Greater Confidence:

Execute each shot with precision and confidence, knowing your focus is where it needs to be.

Word off the tee...

...it's a great golf training aid...being independent of the golfer, club and ball, it doesn't inhibit my natural movement ...it's a practical means for performing the drills suggested by leading golf coaches...

Ron Wright


...impressed with the simplicity and usefulness of ACUSTRIKER... it teaches the basic fundamentals of the golf swing...excellent aid in practising the putting stroke...

Barry Cyr

CPGA Teaching Professional

Want to Know More about ACUSTRIKER?

Get in Touch with Mike Waud, Originator and Developer of ACUSTRIKER and chat about golf and a better game for you!

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Practice the essential and foundational elements of the golf stroke today and set yourself up to play better golf!