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Play Better Golf with ACUSTRIKERYour Questions answered

For accurate ball striking.  The Golf Practice Tool That Helps Keep Your Eye On The Ball And Head In The Game and play better golf.

What the Pros Say

 Professional players, PGA Coaches and Golf magazine tipsters emphasise the need for a steady head, persistent focus on the ball and consistent spine angle throughout the golf swing and strike.

The Golf Training Aid, ACUSTRIKER, helps develop these attributes by limiting head and upper body movement during the swing to ensure a consistent spine angle, steady and level head, and accurate ball contact at impact.

User Setup & Configuration


ACUSTRIKER is a golf training aid designed to improve accuracy, consistency, and ball striking by helping golfers maintain focus and alignment throughout their swing.

What are the components of ACUSTRIKER?

ACUSTRIKER consists of three main components: a clamp, flexible tubing, and a three-in-one sighting device.


How is ACUSTRIKER set up for use?

The clamp can be attached to either the hosel of a club, the mat or ball tray at the driving range, or another suitable surface.


What is the purpose of the flexible tubing in ACUSTRIKER setup?

The flexible tubing allows for the adjustment of the sighting device, ensuring that the ball remains centred within the sight throughout the stroke.

How should the sighting device be adjusted in ACUSTRIKER setup?

The sighting device should be adjusted so that when assuming the correct setup and address position for each selected club, the ball is centred within the sighting device, positioned approximately 200 to 250 mm above the ball. This allows the club to pass underneath it smoothly. Ensure the ball remains centered within the sight throughout the stroke, from setup to follow-through.


User Experience & Application

How does ACUSTRIKER improve my golf game?

ACUSTRIKER helps improve your golf game by promoting greater focus, alignment, and consistent ball striking through its unique design and functionality.


Is ACUSTRIKER suitable for golfers of all skill levels?

Yes, ACUSTRIKER is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

How do I use ACUSTRIKER during my golf swing?

To use ACUSTRIKER, attach to a club as a counterweight and for alignment, then select a club you wish to use. Ensure that when you assume your stance you are viewing the ball inside the “loop” and maintain unbroken  eye contact with the ball through the viewfinder from setup to follow-through. 

Does ACUSTRIKER require any special maintenance?

ACUSTRIKER requires minimal maintenance. Simply keep it clean and free from dirt and debris.

Can ACUSTRIKER be used by left-handed golfers?

Yes, ACUSTRIKER can be used by left-handed golfers, as it is designed to accommodate both left- and right-handed players.

Is ACUSTRIKER just another golfing gimmick?

No it is not. There are numerous training aids and devices on the market some more effective than others. What is encouraging is that when a golfer invests in a training aid it means that they are working at improving their game. This time spent practising on course scenarios and repetition of strokes will benefit you when you play a round. ACUSTRIKER targets the essential and foundational elements of the golf stroke.

Product Features & Specifications

Where can ACUSTRIKER be used?

It's small, compact and versatile enough to be used in your lounge, backyard or out on the course in a practice game. 


Can ACUSTRIKER help with sculling and chunking chip shots?

Probably one of the worst feelings in golf... you’re on the fringe for two on a par 4. You just need to chip it close and you chunk it or scull it into the bunker on the other side of the green. The underlying causes for these mistakes are excessive lateral (sway) and vertical (bobbing) head movement. This alters the fulcrum of the swing plane and arc causing a mis-hit. Additionally, by rising out of the shot before the moment of impact the club head is slightly higher resulting in the dreaded “scull.” Remember to try and do this…"Hear your chips land before looking up".


How can ACUSTRIKER help with short putting?

Yes we can help you. Professional golfers will tell you that putting is the most important aspect of the game. Often the difference between winning and losing a tournament comes down to a three to five foot putt. The anxiety and pressure of these situations cause golfers to look up prematurely to see where their ball is heading... more often than not to see it miss. By looking, one tends to lift out of the stroke causing a push or pull motion which results in a missed putt. Putting requires a very steady head and a settled upper body.

ACUSTRIKER encourages these traits. Focus on the ball until impact (which you should witness within the 42mm loop) is vital. Try not to look up after putting the ball, it’s difficult but possible. Listen to your ball drop in the hole. Don’t see it. “Listen don’t look” and you’ll drain more putts. It works for long putts too. Along with your ACUSTRIKER you will have found a 42mm disc with a 6mm hole in the middle. When practising putting, position the disc within the 42mm “Loop” and put the ball on the hole in the disc.

Why should I invest in ACUSTRIKER if I've never used it before?

Ninety percent of mis-hit shots are a result of excessive head and upper body movement and an inconsistent spine angle during the swing. This is identified as lateral sway, horizontal movement back and forth and vertical lifting or “bobbing”. These movements, if excessive, alter the fulcrum of the swing causing inconsistent and inaccurate ball striking. ACUSTRIKER, with its three sighting devices allows natural movement but limits excessive movement. It can be used with all clubs.

ACUSTRIKER can be used to perform many of the drills suggested by golf coaches and magazine tipsters. Being independent of the golfer, club and ball ACUSTRIKER encourages the natural and authentic development of muscle memory.

If you would enjoy a round free of shanks, chunks, sculls, pulled and pushed putts, topped or fat fairway shots and the dreaded air swing, then you should consider investing in ACUSTRIKER. For less than the cost of a round you are resolving some of the common problems encountered by golfers. 


The disc worked for putting...what else does it do?

For indoor training you may not be able to use your clubs (other than your putter). Set up ACUSTRIKER as per the instructions. Centre the disc within the selected loop and practice the swing rotation, making sure the disc stays centred.


What are the different sizes of view finders available in ACUSTRIKER?

ACUSTRIKER has three different sizes of view finder for different Game Irons


Putting and chipping demand a very steady head and a settled upper body. The 42mm loop encourages this and eliminates the tendency to lift up out of the stroke before impact.

The golfer can see the putter making contact with the ball. [Listen to your putts drop, don't look.] This sight is also suitable for use with the short irons where the advice is "Hear your chips land on the green rather than see them land."


Is for the mid irons. Requiring a more vigorous swing for these shots,  this sight allows for some flexibility but ensures that excessive head and upper body movement is limited.


Is intended for the long irons, fairway woods and driver. With an even more vigorous action required for these shots the body tends to flex more and often these movements will affect and alter the head position, spine angle and the fulcrum of the swing arc and plane. By keeping the ball centred within the sight, these problems are eradicated.

ACUSTRIKER view finder sizes

Practice the essential and foundational elements of the golf stroke and set yourself up to play a better game today!