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by MIKE WAUD  - October 19, 2020

While returning home from Bundaberg the other day, I stopped off at Childers for a quick 9 holes at the Isis Golf Club. I filled out my info and put the fee in the envelope and dropped it in the honesty box. It’s a great course and proved to be a pleasant experience and posed a challenge to an ”unaccomplished” golfer… (“Par is the expected score of an accomplished golfer.”)

I hit some great shots off the tee, played a few good approach shots and sank some long putts but was generally disappointed with the shots I mucked up. When analyzing the poor shots I concluded that I have issues with concentration or perhaps more relevantly, a lack of concentration. The swing lasts between .8 and 1.5 of a second. Surely I can concentrate for that long! Sadly…not. Focus on the ball too was an issue… Those shots I messed up were ones where I don’t recall seeing the club making contact with the ball.

So I’ve decided to take my game to the driving range for some meaningful practice. Having done a fair amount of research into effective range practice regimes and visualisation. I am going to implement a new practice regime. I know the back nine at my local club like I know the “back of my hand” as they say. I know the distances, the layout, the obstacles the boundaries and trouble spots. I will visually superimpose each hole on the range as I practice.

Clearly I won’t be able to putt out at the range (I’ll improvise) but I’ll be able to work on my woods and irons. Club selection will depend on the success or failure of the previous stroke and based on my visualisation of the hole and it’s layout.

Success coach, motivational speaker and author Denis Waitley wrote of a US POW (Vietnam) who visually played a round of golf in his head every day while in detention. On his release (after 7 years) he shot a 74 on his home course. I’m going to combine visualisation of my course, club selection and physical practice to see if I can gain consistency. Hope it works for me.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Connect with me and let me know how you get on!

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