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Analysing your most recent round

Analysing your most recent round…

by MIKE WAUD  - October 12, 2020

Did you, in your most recent round, experience one or more of the following...

  • Top a drive off the tee

  • Fluff a fairway wood

  • Hit a long iron thin...or fat

  • Shank a shot

  • Skull a pitch

  • Chunk a chip

  • Pull or push a putt

  • Miss a one footer

  • Have a dreaded air swing...?

Apart from hitting it out of bounds or finding the water hazard and incurring a penalty, the above mentioned faults are the reasons for a disappointing score. At the end of a round... "it is what it is!" You can't change anything... not until you play again.

These faults are essentially the result of excessive head movement during the swing. ACUSTRIKER is a device that limits and minimises excessive head movement, encouraging the natural development of muscle memory and promoting accurate and consistent ball striking.

Order yours today and start practising with all your clubs, at home (indoors or out) on the driving range or during a practice round (get permission from your playing group first and don't hold up play.)

Don't be too harsh on yourself, keep your expectations realistic and practise regularly for satisfying results.

Download the ACUSTRIKER round analyser for your next round!

Keeping a level head...

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