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Keeping a level head

Keeping a level head…

by MIKE WAUD  - October 5, 2020

There is no doubt that one of the key requisites of successful golf is to keep a level head... 16.8 million articles and references to it on Google would suggest so. If you are calm, sensible and deal easily with difficult situations (Cambridge Dictionary definition of level head) your golf game will benefit.

On a literal level, maintaining a steady, centred and LEVEL head is crucial to an effective golf stroke. As mentioned in a previous blog, with the head being at the top of the spine, any vertical movement, up or down will affect the spine angle which was set at address. If one cannot return to that angle at impact the result will be a mis-hit, either fat, thin, a chunk, skull or at worst an air swing. In fact 90 percent of mis-hit shots are due to excessive head and upper body movement, one of which, is a "bobbing" head.

The articles researched advocate some successful drills for eradicating this fault. Practicing one's swing with the head against the wall... getting someone to hold one's head during the swing... getting someone to grab a tuft of hair while one swings (not viable in my case since the onset of baldness.)

While successful, these methods don't encourage the natural development of muscle memory as they are working against the body's natural tendencies and flexibility. ACUSTRIKER works in such a way that it reduces excessive movement laterally and vertically and provides instant, "real time" feedback to the golfer. Being independent of the golfer, club and ball it promotes the natural development of muscle memory.

Order your ACUSTRIKER today via the online shop and bring some stability and repeatability to your swing and levelheadedness to your game.


Using the Golf App, Hudl Technique has been most helpful. While there is a slight difference between the position at impact and the posture at set up, ACUSTRIKER has helped me minimise excessive head movement and my head has remained relatively level.

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