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What, how, why

What, How, Why?

by MIKE WAUD  - August 31, 2020

As a school teacher for close on 4 decades I continually tell my students what I'm going to teach them, how I'm going to teach them and most importantly why I'm going to teach them and then I tell them what I've just taught them. I always hope that they enjoy the learning experience and benefit from it.

One of the prime objectives behind the development of ACUSTRIKER was to help fellow golfers master the fundamentals of a seemingly simple but rather complicated and complex task of hitting the golf ball.

How did you feel last time you topped a drive off the tee, whiffed a fairway wood, dug out a divot barely advancing the ball, chunked a chip, pulled or pushed a putt past the hole? Frustrated, angry, inept, embarrassed?*

What is ACUSTRIKER ? It is a training aid that targets the fundamental elements of a successful golf stroke. It can be used for all clubs by people of all ages and skill levels, indoors and out.

How do I use it? Follow the user friendly, uncomplicated instructions and get immediate visual feedback.

Why should I buy one? If you would like to avoid those feelings listed above, be free from the frustrations that golf can bring on and increase the enjoyment you get from the game, invest in and ACUSTRIKER today.

I am interested in the the outcomes that those who have invested in their game, achieve.

* 90% of mis-hit shots are due to excessive head and upper body movement during the swing.


Kramer is correct...
Is a bad day fishing or crabbing as disappointing as a birdie and par free round of golf?

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