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Is a bad day fishing or crabbing as disappointing as a birdie and par free round of golf?

by MIKE WAUD  - September 7, 2020

I suppose it all depends on one's attitude and expectations.

I joined a couple of mates last week for a three day crabbing trip. As one of them said ..."we did everything right! We checked the tides and worked with them, we baited and placed the pots, we moved the pots each day, we caught many but out of 20 odd crabs we only had one keeper!"At about $400.00 a kg it wasn't a successful trip." Did we have fun? You bet! Worth every cent. Friendly banter, communing with nature, soaking up the sun made the trip. If you don't wet a line or put a pot in the water you can't expect to catch a fish or crab. What are your expectations when you go fishing or crabbing?

When it comes to's a little more complex. The vast majority of us who play golf do so for fun, exercise and enjoyment (and only a few of us are able to break 100 or 90.) At the same time it's difficult to resist the urge to be competitive, against others but more importantly with ones self. If you don't play you can't post a score. If you don't play regularly you won't post a good score unless you're a natural. If you don't practice, you will become frustrated because you know what you are capable of doing but due to poor execution, lapses in concentration and inconsistent technique, you often don't meet your own expectations.

The professional golfer spends hours hitting thousands of balls under the close watch of PGA coaches and often has to accept that they miss the cut. The weekend golfer does nowhere near that amount of work and gets frustrated when they have a birdie and par free round, don't break 90 or 100.... We ( the average golfer) need to commit to regular and effective practice in order to improve. We also need to be a bit more forgiving when things don't go to plan and maybe readjust our expectations.

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