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Kramer is correct

Kramer is correct…

by MIKE WAUD  - August 24, 2020

Golf is a difficult game to master and without concentration we all "stink" at it.

"I can't play! The ball is just sitting there Jerry and I can't hit it.... I have no concentration!"

Besides concentration, a successful golf stroke is a result of performing a combination of the following elements simultaneously and repeatedly.

1. Ensuring that the position at impact resembles the posture at set up

2. Maintaining a steady centre around which the shoulders and trunk rotate.

3. Maintaining a consistent spine angle set at address, throughout the back swing, transition, downswing and at impact.

4. Limiting excessive lateral, vertical and horizontal head and shoulder movement.

5. Maintaining focus on the ball throughout the swing.

6. Witnessing the club impacting the ball.

7.Completing the follow through.

The golf swing lasts between .8 and 1.5 of a second....that is a lot to think about.... and without concentration, very difficult to do.

Golf success and improvement will come from regular and committed practice under the guidance of a certified instructor. If this is not possible, using an effective training aid like ACUSTRIKER will help you master the foundational elements and fundamentals of the golf stroke and help build the muscle memory required to repeatedly hit it "way out there."

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