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Talking chunks, skulls and some near whiffs

Talking chunks, skulls and some near whiffs!

by MIKE WAUD  - August 17, 2020

Why is it that you can go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls fairly consistently and then go out for a hit with a couple of mates and perform poorly and below par (and I'm not talking Golf par here!) I went out yesterday for a social round and had a great day...we all hit some amazing shots but were brought back to reality by some chunks, skulls, slices, tops, pulled and pushed putts and even a few near whiffs.

In my case I can put it down to a lack of concentration in the time it takes to perform the golf swing. While nerves and tension can also contribute to mis-hit shots, a lapse in concentration is the main culprit.

I was able to keep my head steady and level, my spine angle was consistent, I rotated around that consistent spine angle and I kept focus on the ball throughout.... that was... until impact. For every mis-hit shot yesterday I can honestly say I did not see the club making contact with the ball. For every good shot, I did.

...and into the tree
Kramer is correct...

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