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The simple solution to great golf

The simple solution to great golf…

by MIKE WAUD  - November 23, 2020

If you are like me and about 90% of those of us who play golf… you probably haven’t benefited that much from the much hyped advancements in club and ball technology. We all like to possess and use the latest and most modern equipment whatever sport we play. The key to success in golf however, is not the equipment one uses… success can only come from practising, performing and perfecting the correct techniques.

The successful golf stroke depends on a combination of the following elements….

  • The position at impact (ball contact) should resemble the posture at set up.
  • A steady centre around which the shoulders rotate.
  • A consistent spine angle throughout the swing and at impact.
  • Persistent focus on the ball throughout and essentially when the club makes contact with the ball.
  • A steady and level head with limited lateral, vertical and horizontal movement.

After many hours of research and over thirty years of coaching a number of sports and teaching practical subjects as a high school teacher, I don’t need convincing that mastering the fundamental elements is the key to success in any pursuit.

In an effort to improve my own game and address the fundamentals of the successful golf stroke I developed an uncomplicated, highly effective training device called ACUSTRIKER. Hopefully it will help you improve your ball striking accuracy and consistency


  • is suitable for all clubs.
  • can be used indoors or out.
  • is suitable for all ages and abilities.

ACUSTRIKER prevents…

  • Excessive lateral, vertical and horizontal head and shoulder movement.
  • reverse pivoting.
  • topping and “sculling” the ball.
  • shanking.
  • hitting the ball “fat”.

ACUSTRIKER promotes…

  • the maintenance of the spine angle set at address, throughout the swing.
  • a steady “centre” (spine angle and head) around which the trunk rotates in the swing.
  • that you keep your eye on the ball throughout the swing.
  • that you see the club make contact with the ball.
  • the natural and authentic development of muscle memory.

Check out the website, go to the online store and order yours today. Why not buy one for your golfing mates... they will really appreciate it and be forever in your debt.

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