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The Masters weekend

The Master’s Weekend.

by MIKE WAUD  - November 16, 2020

This week’s blog deals with matters of the mind.

A former colleague, golfing mate and great friend doesn’t read my blog because he says it messes with his head and confuses him, upsetting his simple golfing philosophy. He teaches Drama so I understand. If he was tempted by my weekly message to him to read this week’s blog he’s probably just logged off and deleted the link to my web site.

If you’re still reading, bear with me. A Google search of “Golf and the Mind” generated 288 million articles in .54 seconds. Say no more… it’s clearly a huge part of the game. If I can recommend one… read “Inside the Golfer’s Mind” By Dr Bob Rotella, Golf Digest June 05, 2009. Professional golfers have an entourage of coaches, medical experts, dieticians and sports psychologists and practice many hours a day to reach the levels they do. Us weekend golfers don’t, yet we get upset when we don’t meet our own, sometimes high expectations. Indeed success at golf, at whatever level, is determined by one’s mastery of both physical and mental skills.

Golf is a game of mishaps, mistakes, misfortune and luck… well it certainly is for me and even for the pros. I have just witnessed the world number 2 top a fairway shot on the 8th that ended up in the rough and nowhere near the intended target. His recovery shot aimed between two large trees, hit the one on the right and deflected into the bushes left. A penalty drop and over hit approach and two putts garnered a 7. Social media lit up and articles were published within minutes. All of you reading this will be able to relate to his circumstances, cringe, sympathise and empathise and feel better about your game. It would mentally destroy the average weekend golfer. In his case, he’s hoping to shoot “a miracle score” on day 4. How would you have reacted to such a situation? I’m applying a new approach inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s song… “Breathe in, breathe out, move on!” Have a listen. It may change your attitude and approach to golf and other areas of your life.

I played 18 holes at The Town of 1770 Golf Course over the weekend. I walked pulling and pushing my clubs late Friday afternoon and enjoyed some mishaps and luck with 19 putts and too many double bogeys. Hummed the melody of the song a few times. Early the next morning I took my daughter and grandson for another nine, this time in a golf cart… so much better. The score was much improved.

My daughter filmed each shot which was really helpful when looking back at the round. Quite revealing too about my swing, stroke and reactions. Remember last week’s blog where I suggested using your putter when viable? Pity I didn’t follow my own advice. Watch the attatched video and see what I mean. 

My youngest grandson, last seen taking out his frustration on a tree in a previous blog, had his first visit to the golf course. He had the job of teeing up the ball and looking after a spare ball. On the first hole, a par three, he reached the green before I could and picked up my second shot without marking it. I chose not to penalise myself. By the 4th he had got the gist of the game.

The highlight of the round was the putt on the 18th. How would you score that? (refer video at the top of the blog)

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