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Christmas is close...get your ACUSTRIKER today

Christmas is close…get your ACUSTRIKER today

by MIKE WAUD  - November 30, 2020

Have you ever seen a golf buddy top a drive on the first, in front of more people than just your four ball, whiff a fairway wood, skull a long iron, chunk a chip or fluff a 2 foot putt? I’m sure you have!

Has it ever happened to you? …. Be honest now…. I’m sure it has. It’s the worst feeling in this frustrating game. What brings you back though is the satisfaction of that deadly drive, accurate approach, perfect pitch and rolling in a putt for the win.

Research into the causes of mishit golf shots suggests that 90% are a result of excessive head and upper body movement.

The successful golf stroke relies on the following elements:

A steady centre around which the shoulders and trunk rotate.

  • Maintenance of the spine angle set at address, throughout the back swing, transition, downswing and at impact.
  • Maintaining focus on the ball throughout the swing.
  • Witnessing the club impacting the ball.
  • Completing the follow through.

Quite a lot to think about. What’s interesting is that no mention is made of technological advancement in club and ball manufacture. In fact, despite the advances in club and ball technology over the past 40 years, the average handicap in North America and worldwide has remained at 17.

While glossy ads promise dramatic results and incredible performance, numerous golf publications continually publish features and articles containing tips and training routines to assist golfers, emphasizing the need for commitment to practice. It is clear that golfing success depends on one’s commitment to perfecting the fundamental techniques of the game. One cannot buy a new or good golf game. (Investing your money and time into training aids like ACUSTRIKER however, will get you to your golfing goals)

With this in mind, I developed an uncomplicated and proven training aid (ACUSTRIKER) that addresses the fundamental elements of the successful golf stroke by

  • Limiting excessive lateral, vertical and horizontal head and shoulder movement.
  • Ensuring a steady center around which the shoulders and trunk rotate.
  • Maintaining the spine angle set at address, throughout the swing and at impact.
  • Ensuring one keeps one’s eyes on the ball throughout the swing.
  • Ensuring that one witnesses the club face contacting the ball at impact.

Being independent of the golfer, club and ball, ACUSTRIKER in no way inhibits one’s movement or flexibility, encouraging the natural development of muscle memory. ACUSTRIKER provides instant visual feedback and has received positive reviews from teaching professionals and golfers who have used it. ACUSTRIKER is suitable for all ages, applicable to all clubs and can be used indoors and out. It also provides a practical means for performing the drills suggested by leading golf coaches.

With Christmas coming it’s the perfect gift for every golfer… get yourself one today!

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