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Back bone connected to the neck bone

The back bone’s connected to the neck bone…

by MIKE WAUD  - September 21, 2020

A consistent spine angle is the key to accurate and consistent ball striking.

A search of “spine angle in the golf swing” produced 822 000 results in .47 seconds. This would suggest it’s an important element.

Maintaining your spine angle means that the angle that you've created at setup between your back and the ground stays the same until after impact. A lot of issues in the golf swing come from golfers who increase or decrease that angle in the backswing and downswing. ( This supports last week’s blog topic about “the position at impact should resemble posture at setup.”

Maintaining your spine angle throughout the swing is one of the most important ways to improve your consistency – primarily because it will help you to deliver the club face square to the ball at impact.

Due to the “Head bone being connected to the neck bone which in turn is connected to the back bone” any movement of one will in turn affect the others. If the head moves laterally, vertically or horizontally, the spine angle at setup will be affected. If you are able to adjust in the downswing to the original position all good and well, but few golfers are able to do that, resulting in thin, fat, chunked and skulled shots.

The importance of keeping the spine angle constant throughout the swing is emphasised almost universally by golf instructors. The trouble is – how do you know you are doing it correctly? Coaches talk about maintaining this angle throughout the golf swing – but offer little insight into how to accomplish this. (Anuj Varma)

ACUSTRIKER offers a solution by providing the golfer with a visual reference that indicates excessive head movement and altered spine angle, without inhibiting natural flexibility in the golf swing. In addition, it encourages focus on the ball throughout the swing and ensures that you see the club impacting the ball. Invest in your golfing improvement… order an ACUSTRIKER today.

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