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Out of the Rough Blog

Out of the rough

by MIKE WAUD  - July 27, 2020

Introducing ACUSTRIKER - the story.

I encountered the challenging game of golf when I was in my mid-twenties. Having played a number of ball sports from a young age, including cricket, hockey, tennis and squash, I figured it would be easy. If I could hit, time and aim a moving ball at will, hitting one that was standing still, sometimes elevated on a tee, would be a whole lot easierā€¦ wrong I was!

So the golfing journey proved interesting. Whilst attempting to get more distance from the woods and long irons, fine tuning the short game and perfecting the putting... there were many classic and embarrassing encounters along the way!

  • Can you relate... or is it just me that's managed to carry all of these out with great precision and success?
  • top a drive on the first with at least three four balls watching on
  • take an air swing with a 5 wood from a perfect lie on the fairway
  • hit a delicate approach in the teeth and see it scoot across the green into a bunker
  • chunk a wedge from the fringe so is does not reach the putting surface
  • miss a one footer to clinch the match

Maybe you've seen a golfing buddy do the same? If you have you do feel really bad for them but you are relishing it to an extent and cracking up inside. Come to think of it and if you are brutally honest with yourself, you might even be able to identify with your golfing buddy and me.

Advice that is bandied around the course often goes like "keep your eye on the ball", "you moved your head", "you looked up before you hit it", "you lifted your head", amongst some other choice words, but more often than not these pearls of wisdom don't really help - and that is exactly how and why ACUSTRIKER came about.

As a teacher and sports coach I was acutely aware of the need to master the foundational and essential elements of any pursuit and was also determined to find the solution to my golfing inadequacies and help other frustrated golfers like me! OK, so it took a while to come to market (but that's a story for another day) - so what we focus on for today is that we all do get there in the end šŸ™‚

The simple secret to great golf

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