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Golfing with the grandkids. Again

Golfing with the grandkids… again.

by MIKE WAUD  - December 14, 2020

If you have been reading the blogs on a regular basis you will remember the one about my grandkids giving me a reality check. Well, with the school holidays starting last week I was asked and willingly agreed to babysit for a couple of days while their parents were at work.

When my granddaughter heard I was coming, according to her mother, she apparently exclaimed… “Oh no! Oupa is going to make us go golfing again!” When I questioned her about it she said she was really looking forward to it. Who am I to believe?

The first day wasn’t great weather so we stayed home doing a jigsaw puzzle, watching YouTube influencer and trickshot videos and thank God for the iPads… they spent more than their allotted time on them (which they were keen to tell their mum on her return from work).

Early Friday morning we visited Boyne Golf Club for a leisurely nine holes. This time I had to get three Gatorades because they wouldn’t share what with Covid-19 still around. The questions and comments, being their second time on the course, were even more cutting, cruel and demoralising.

A great drive distance wise but not direction wise on the first, elicited this comment. ”Why did you hit it into the trees when there’s all that space in front of you?” I responded… “It cuts out the dog leg if I do it this way!” My second was tracking towards the flag until it dropped short. “… It’s in the bunkers” said my granddaughter. Next question "… how come you had two goes out of the sand…I’ve seen them on TV hole it from there!” Smartarse. Two putts for a six, two over, bad start.

The next two holes went well, a bogey on the par 5 second and the same on the next par 4 third. I got a par on the par 3 much to the delight of the onlookers…” is that the first par you’ve ever had Oupa?” I didn’t answer. Clearly I’ve done it before… just not often enough.

My second shot on the 5th sliced off to the right and into the water trap for another hole. Smartarse grandson says…”‘you’re not going to play that one from where it lies!” The positive in his comment is that he clearly read last week’s blog. I hope you did too.

Nothing remarkable for the next three holes score-wise wise but the kids had great fun taking turns driving the buggy (under supervision of course.) The last hole provided some relief with another par that will bring me and the grandkids back for more.

They tried to get me to shout them another drink. Had I played better they would have got it. We bypassed Macca's too, much to their disgust. I heard them in the back of the Jeep saying…”not much better than last time, no wonder he’s cranky. I wonder if he’s been practising.'

When we got home I mentioned that only a few people had responded to last week’s competition. I asked for your responses to complete the sentence Golf is…….

The kids have responded and could be in line for the prize.

Granddaughter “Golf is fun because you get energy and Oupa is teaching me how to play” and “Golf is fun because I get to spend time with my grandfather and because you get to see lots of shots!”

Grandson “Golf is calming when you play in the mornings”, “Golf is fun especially when you’re driving the cart for 9 or 18 holes.” and a classic “Golf is interesting because you learn new words”…I’ll let you figure out what he’s talking about.

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